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List of Equipment for Cement Testing

Model #: Cement
Principal: Controls Testing Equipment, U.K.
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We propose a vast range of machines that satisfy, practically all requirements.

Physical and chemical properties of cement

Cement samplers
Specific gravity (Relative density) 
Hydraulic shrinkage 
Soundness of cement and hydrated lime 
Expansion of Portland cement
Air content of mortar 
Pat test for soundness of hydrated lime and gypsum plasters 
Fineness of cement 
Bulk density and water retention of cement 
Heat of hydration of cement 
Loss on ignition 

Setting time and consistency of cement

Setting time and consistency of cement – Vicat method 
Standard Vicat apparatus 
Automatic Vicat apparatus
Setting time of cement. Gillmore method 
Flow of mortars 
Building lime, grout and mud testing
Consistency, air content and water retention 
Flow, Reactivity, Bulk density of building lime
Flow properties of grouts, muds and other fluid materials 
Fly ash determ., consistency and swelling ratio 
Determination of fineness by wet sieving 
Carbon dioxide determ., Filtration behaviour, soundness 

Determination of cement strength

Mortar mixers 
Jolting apparatus 
Preparation of 40x40x160 mm cement prisms. 
Preparation of 50 and 70.7 mm mortar cubes 
Curing of Specimens 
General purpose water curing bath with cooler unit 
Compression and flexural testers 
Flexural strength of mortar prisms 40x40x160 mm 
Automatic testing systems



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