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List of Equipment for Concrete Technology

Model #: Concrete
Principal: Controls Testing Equipment, U.K.
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Compression and flexural testing machines

EN Standards
Compression and flexural testing machines 
Semi-automatic ASTM models 
Semi-automatic ASTM/AASHTO/NF/UNE/UNI models 
Semi-automatic EN models 
AUTOMAX, Automatic EN models 
Flexural testing machine and frames Load testing frames 
Automatic testing systems 
MCC 8 


Fresh concrete testing

Workability and consistency 
Slump test 
Flow table test
SCC Self compacting concrete test 
Degree of compactability 
VebĂ© test 
Kelly ball method 
K-Slump method 
Flow table test 
Analysis of freshly mixed concrete 
Water testing 
Density of fresh concrete 
Unit weight measures 
Gyratory compactor for NO Slump concrete 
Air content of fresh concrete 
Setting time by penetration 


Hardened concrete testing

Concrete mixers 
Cube and cylinder, Beam moulds 
Concrete compaction
Vibrating tables 
Poker vibrators 
Curing tanks 
Moist curing rooms, test set  
Accelerated concrete curing 
Specimen grinding 
Specimen cutting  
Cylinder capping equipment 
Density of hardrned concrete

Surface water absorption

Depth of penetration of water under pressure 
Cylinder compressometers 
Hydraulic shrinkage determination 
Expansion of mortar and concrete 
Temperature monitoring 

NDT / Protection and repair of concrete structures

Concrete durability evaluation
Cover measurement 
Metal location in concrete 
Carbonation test 
Chloride ion penetration 
Half cell potential test 
Resistivity test 
Permeability of concrete to oxygen 
Water penetration 
Water and gas permeability 
Surface dampness 
Flexural, longitudinal, torsional resonance 
Concrete stength evaluation
Concrete hammers 
Pull off strength
Pullout force 
Microcore method 
Concrete quality and homogeneity evaluation
Ultrasonic pulse velocity testers 
Ultrasonic and rebound measorement 
Ultrasonic crosshole test system 
In-situ evaluation of stress, structural inspection
Crack width monitoring gauges 
Length changes 
Crack measurement microscope 
Flat jacks 
Digital instrumentation for testing structures



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