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List of Equipment for Asphalt Testing

Model #: Asphalt
Principal: Controls Testing Equipment, U.K.
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Analysis of bituminous mixtures
Soluble binder content, Hot and cold extraction methods 
Separation of mineral matter, Centrifuge extractors 
Automatic binder extraction
Asphalt binder analysis - Ignition method 
Bitumen recovery 
Solvent recovery 
Determination of the maximum density 
Determination of the affinity aggregate/bitumen 
Binder drainage from porous asphalt 
Asphalt temperature measurement 

Design and testing of bituminous mixtures
Asphalt compactability 
Impact (Marshall) compactor
Gyratory compactors 
Gyratory compactors: measurement of internal angle 
Vibratory compactor 
Indirect tensile and Marshall test (pr EN) 
Marshall stability 
Laboratory mixing
Water baths 

Rheologic properties of bituminous mixtures
Stiffness properties of bituminous mixtures 
Servo-pneumatic asphalt testing system 
Dynamic triaxial test
Wheel tracking test
Slabs laboratory compaction
Splitting tensile test 
Duriez compression test sets

Asphalt and road quality testing
Determination of bulk density 
Asphalt permeability 
Indentation test
Particle loss and resistance to fuel (Los Angeles) 
Sampling by coring 
Tests on slurry seal mixtures 
Rate of spread of coated chippings
Vialit adhesion test 
Measurement of Asphalt density 
Skid resistance and friction tester 
Measurement of surface texture and irregularity
Road flexure: Benkelman Beam 
Retroreflected luminance

Testing bitumen and bituminous binders
Sampling bitumen and oil 
Penetration of bituminous materials 
Softening point: ring and ball method
Water in bitumen
Residue on sieving 
Degree of solubility 
Particle charge of cationic emulsified asphalt 
Emulsified asphalts-residue 
Breaking point. Fraas method 
Kinematic and dynamic viscosity 
Rolling thin-film oven 
Thin film oven
Rotary evaporation apparatus 
Standard TAR/BRTA viscometers
Engler viscometer
Saybolt viscometers
Settling and penetration power of bitumen emulsions 
Breaking value of cationic bitumen emulsions 
Cleveland flash tester
Pensky-Martens flash point tester 
Flash point by tag open and closed cup tester 
Hubbard-Carmick pycnometers
Storage stability of asphalt emulsions 
Wilhelmi softening point
Distillation of cut-back asphalt 
Pressure ageing vessel (PAV)



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