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Bluetooth Embedded Wireless Telecom Trainer

Model #: BT-3000
Principal: Man & Tel
Product URL:


Wireless Embedded Training System, BT-3000 wasdeveloped to educate wireless control and embeddedtechnology.
Its distinguished technology compared to wiredembedded system is wireless control using Bluetoothprotocol. Wireless embedded technology will be usedin application of Home networking, Ubiquitous sensornetworking, Telemetric and Industrial control in nearfuture.
Through experiment using BT-3000 students learnhardware design and wireless communication protocoleasily. Hardware design includes Controller andmodules and software design includes bluetoothcommunication protocol.


- Embedded educational Training system by GUI control.
- Experiment of concentrated wireless embedded system using application module.
- General education to industrial embedded system.
- Software and Hardware training to each module.
- Experiment of Embedded programming using controller.
- Detail experiment using thirteen modules.
- Experiment of communication protocol Programming.
- Manufacturing of sensor hardware module.


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