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Mobile Telephone Trainer

Model #: MT-2000
Principal: Man & Tel
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MT-2000 is the training system enabling the students who are majoring the Electronic & Electrical Engineering,
Communication Engineering, Computer Information Engineering, Information & Telecommunication, Electronic &
Information, Information Electronic Engineering so that they can learn the basic concept of Wireless Communication
and Mobile Telecommunication along with the related technology. 

MT-2000 is the product which Hardware and Software combined while trainer is operating the system separately
by Stand Alone status.

Different Experiments can be executed from one Board level experiment to set level experiment by integrating
whole Board level, especially Radio wave propagation experiment is possible by using various products.

And from Auto mode, high level of communication quality that is similar with commercial product can be possible.  
That is, by having a various educational curriculum and being learned from those useful curriculum contents, students can easily adapt themselves to job environment after graduating.


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