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Model #: RFID-DUAL
Principal: Man & Tel
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 Features of RFID-DUAL

Comprehension of basic principle of RFID
Comprehension of RFID system design skill
Comprehension of SO/IEC 15693 protocol
Comprehension of Anti collision
Comprehension of reader configuration
Comprehension of RFID application programming

Educational Contents

Part I Introduction of RFID technology
 Chap.1. Explanation of basic theory of RFID
 Chap 2. Hardware configuration
* Explanation of Reader circuit and operation process between Reader and Tag.
 Chap 3. Installment of hardware
* Introduction of trainer and explanation about install and operation.
 Chap 4. Basic operation experiment
* Experiment and explanation of basic operation of trainer

Part II RFID protocol
 Chap 5. Packet configuration
* Explanation of Commend request and response packet configuration.
Chap 6. Anti collision
 Explanation of anti collision algorism and realization.
 Chap 7. CRC algorism
* Explanation of CRC16 algorism
 Chap 8. Demo program activation
* Basic operation experiment about Read and Write of tag information 
 Chap 9. Experiment of RFID Commend
* Experiment of 15 Commend.
 Chap 10. Experiment of Packet analysis.
* Analysis of Packet transmitted between reader and tag
 Chap 11. Transmission protocol programming
* Programming of Commend packet

Part III API application programming
 Chap 12. Comprehension of API
* Explanation about API and basic knowledge
 Chap 13. Experiment of API example programming
* Experiment through API application example
 Chap 14. Experiment of API application programming
* Experiment to develop an application program through API


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