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Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Trainer

Model #: DMB-5000
Principal: Man & Tel
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Features of DMB-5000

We announce the developments of DAB / DMB Trainer System, DMB-5000 and DMB-5040. Which comply Eureka-147 and T-DMB standard completely, and can be used in training of DAB / DMB receiver development. The System consisted of DMB-5040, receiver board, DMB-5000, the T-DMB transitter, and DMS-6000, the Manager Software for DMB-5000. DMB-5000, the DMB signal generator, generate Band 3 (174~250MHz) RF signal. With USB interface adopted, this equipment can be connected to a PC and can transfer contents and control data. The DMS-6000, Manager Software for DMB-5000, runs on a PC and performs controls over DMB-5000 and can transfer contents data from a PC to the transmitter. DMB-5040, the T-DMB receiver board, can receive the T-DMB signal and can produce sound for audio services, or can capture the stream of TV channels. Using this board, students can
examine various functionality such as; control of tuner, baseband chip, switchs, and display devices of the DMB-5040 receiver board. The development environment for the traniner system is a Linux system running on a PC. Using Linux system, students can edit, compile, download to DMB-5000 board, and execute their test program of DMB receiver.


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