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Concrete Technology
  Concrete structures are a great deal more than sand, gravel, cement and water stirred up and left to harden into usefully shaped lumps. Considerable care and knowledge are required to produce quality concrete. Our principal proposes a complete range of testing equipment to satisfy practically all the EN and other National Standards. The general description of what we can offer in concrete section is as bellow in the section of Concrete products


 Following are the products in Concrete Technology

List of Equipment for Concrete Technology

Compression and flexural testing machines

EN Standards
Compression and flexural testing machines 
Semi-automatic ASTM models 
Semi-automatic ASTM/AASHTO/NF/UNE/UNI models 
Semi-automatic EN models 
AUTOMAX, Automatic EN models 
Flexural testing machine and frames Load testing frames 
Automatic testing systems 

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