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Steel Testing
  This section illustrates universal testing machines and accessories in particular for mechanical tests on steel specimens and on reinforcing bars. However some of the machines shown, for example the electromechanical models, can be used for many other applications for testing in compression or flexure other construction materials such as concrete, cement, rock, asphalt, soil, etc. Most of the machines are controlled by PC assuring a simplification and rationalisation of test procedures with all the other advantages associated with the use of the most modern electronic and informatics’ techniques.


 Following are the products in Steel Testing

List of Equipment for Steel Testing

Universal testers. Steel mechanical testing

Multiensayo electromechanical testers 
Tension and compression tester for field and laboratory 500/1000 kN cap
Computer controlled universal testing machines 
Electronic coaxial and standard extensometers 
Resilience tests 
Cold test bending 
Uniframe universal compression testers 
Testing m...

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