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Asphalt Testing
  Bituminous materials, a by-product of the oil distillation process, look set to remain as a constituent material of road paving for some considerable time to come, being used to withstand the flexural and compressive stresses caused by traffic. Due to the ever increasing intensity of today‚Äôs traffic conditions there is a demand for higher levels of performance from asphalt. As a result, the testing of the asphalt needs to look not only at the constituent mix, but the performance characteristics as well. There is an increasing demand to monitor the asphalt for voids percentage, look at the levels of compaction and investigate parameters such as the stiffness modulus and fatigue resistance in relation to the temperature, together with frequency of load or strain application. The range of testing equipment in this section of the catalogue is in conformity with the new European Draft Standards and the requirements of SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program) to allow for a more in depth and realistic analysis of asphalt mixes. The new EN standards Important new European Standards, specific to Asphalt and Road testing have been introduced since the Controls 5th edition catalogue was published. These new EN and pr EN produced by CEN/TC 227 Road Materials replace those previous National Standards and are grouped under the following headings: Bituminous mixtures. Test methods for hot mix asphalt. Standards EN 12697-1 to 12697-44 Surface dressing. Test methods. Standards pr EN 12272-1 to 12272-3 Slurry surfacing. Test methods. Standards pr EN 12274-1 to 12274-5 Pavement surfac e characteristics. Test methods. Standards pr EN 13036-1 to 13036-7 In the majority of cases the new pr EN and EN standards correspond to some existing National Standards and, apart for some exception, there should be almost no difference in the specification of test apparatus. We will continue to propose, however, the test apparatus conforming to the National Standards.


 Following are the products in Asphalt Testing

List of Equipment for Asphalt Testing

Analysis of bituminous mixtures
Soluble binder content, Hot and cold extraction methods 
Separation of mineral matter, Centrifuge extractors 
Automatic binder extraction
Asphalt binder analysis - Ignition method 
Bitumen recovery 
Solvent recovery 
Determination of the maximum density 
Determination of the affinity aggregate/bitumen 
Binder drainage from por...

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